British Passport Application and UK Visa Advice Centre for Hong Kong………..See one of our HMPO or UKVI Government trained staff


Where British Nationals can apply for a British Citizen or British National Overseas passports and receive same day submitting of their application. This service takes about 20 minutes to complete at which point your application has been submitted to the UK. We are able to offer this professional quality service with the help of our experience staff trained by UK Government.

British Connections is your answer to a fast, smooth service, giving you complete peace of mind, whether you are applying for a renewal or your first British Passport. Our fees are fixed, there are no hidden charges and any extra work needed is covered by us. By dealing with British Connections you are also in the knowledge that you are dealing with with experienced staff who have been trained by Her Majesty’s Passport Office in the UK and understand the process and procedures in applying for British Passport.

A bit of history about us to provide you with the confidence to use our services.



Colin Bloomfield Our Passport and Nationality Adviser was a UK passport examiner for five years at the British Embassy in Washington DC and more recently at the British Consulate here in Hong Kong. Colin was trained by Her Majesty’s Passport Office UK in nationality law, qualifying as an official Nationality Examiner in 2011. As a result of working within the system for numerous years, he is fully aware of the processes and procedures involved in passport applications.


Brenda Lau Our UK Nationality Adviser has nearly 18 years’ experience working at the British Consulate General Hong Kong in a range of departments including the Passport section and Ethnic Minority Citizenship Unit, as well being the Home Office Registration Officer in the Nationality team, UK Visas and Immigration. Brenda has also worked at the Consular Section of the British Consulate General.

Harjit Brown

Harjit Brown has been working for the UK government for the past 20 years and more recently gained experience as part of the Management team at the Consular Contact Centre based in the British Consulate Hong Kong. As a result of her experience and time working for the UK government she is well placed to advise in most areas for British Nationals assistance and advice on British passports and UK visas. Harjit speaks Pun Jabi, Hindi, Urdu and English.

Cynthia CuiCynthia Cui has been working within the UK immigration industry for over 15 years. Cynthia is registered as a Qualified UK Immigration adviser, having passed her examination to obtain her OISC (Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner) qualification in the UK.

Constance WuConstance Wu has been working within the UK visa industry for a number of years in China and the UK. With her experience as a Visa Compliance Manager and knowledge of the processes in UKVI, Constance is in a strong position to provide expertise and experience when applying for a UK visa or when you have been refused. Constance speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and English.

Minlar Lee our Visa Adviser has 12 year’s experience working at the British Consulate Hong Kong in the Visa Section. Minlar was trained by the UK Government in the process and procedures in applying for a UK Visas. More recently Minlar has also gained experience working in the Visa Application Center (VAC) in Causeway bay with VFS GLOBAL, the official partner for UK Visas and Immigration.

As a result of working within the system for numerous years we are all fully aware of the processes and procedures involved in submitting applications, thus insuring that any application submitted through us is fully checked prior to submission and any additional documents needed are identified at an early stage. This cuts down on potential mistakes or missing paperwork, providing you with a fast and efficient service. We are so confident in our ability to provide you with a smooth, hassle free experience that if additional documents are required at a later stage there is no additional courier charge to you. We welcome meeting you in person at our office in Admiralty, above the MTR station, to help you with all your UK passport and visa needs.

Why Us

Staff trained by UK government: By dealing with UK government-trained staff you can be confident that you are dealing with people who understand the intricate process and procedures in applying for a British Passport, UK Visa or British Citizenship.

Fixed fees: Our fees are fixed with no hidden charges. If additional documents are required at a later stage, there is no additional cost to you.

Speak to someone face to face: With British Connections you are able to sit down with a consultant and ask questions in person, avoiding the cost and hassle of calling overseas when applying a passport, Visa or British Citizenship.

Extensive pre-check: By pre-checking applications before they are submitted, we ensure there is little chance of your application being held up in the system due to errors, incomplete sections, or wrong or insufficient documents being submitted.

English not your first language: With the HMPO Passport Office and UK Visa websites available only in English, it may be tough to navigate for many people in Hong Kong who do not speak English as a first language. British Connections is able to help by offering the same professional service in Cantonese, Mandarin Chinese, Hindi and Punjabi.

Passport collection service: Your new passport will be delivered to you from the UK by courier. However, you must be home to sign for it, otherwise the passport may be returned to the UK. We prevent this problem by having your new passport delivered directly to our office free of charge, offering the convenience of collecting it at a time that suits you. We are happy to offer this service for you free of charge.

Payment: If you apply online using the HMPO website, you must pay by credit card. British Connections understands that not everyone has a credit card so to make the payment process as easy as possible, we also accept payment by cash or cheque.