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Citizenship FAQs

Must I have been born in the UK to get British Citizenship? No under current Nationality Law, if you are a British Citizen Other Than By Descent (OTBD) you may pass on your status to one generation overseas and under certain circumstances you may register for British Citizenship.

Can anyone apply for British Citizenship? No you have to show you have a claim under the Nationality Act. If you have a consultation with British Connections we can determine this for you.

How long does it take to process an application for British Citizenship? At present the processing time is around 8 months, please also note the UK will not provide any updates on any application status unless the application has been in the system for over 6 months.

What Documents do I need to provide? This does depend on under which section of the Nationality Act you have a claim. When you see one of our advisers they will go through the documents required, to insure the application is submitted correctly first time.

If I have a claim today, can I still apply in the future? There is no guarantee this will be the case. Some claims have to be made whilst the applicant is a minor. The nationality law is also constantly changing to accommodate the changes in immigration around the world. It would be advisable to make an application while you have the claim.

How do I pay the application fee? This can only be paid by credit card. If you do not have a credit card you can pay us the cash and we will pay the fee for you.

I have citizenship of another country, does that mean I cannot apply? The British Government allows dual nationality, so you are entitled to a British passport as well as holding a passport from another countries. Please Note: Whilst the UK allows dual nationality, some countries don’t, which may mean that you may have to give up your current nationality to obtain a British passport.

If another member of my family is British do I have an automatic claim? British Citizenship is based on individual circumstances, and as a result it does not mean that you would have an automatic claim just because other members of your family do.