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UK Passport FAQS

How do I make an appointment? All you need to do is either click on the make an appointment now button on every page of this website or call us.

What are your opening hours? We are open Monday to Friday, 8:30 – 17:30.

Are you open on Saturdays? Unfortunately we are not open over the weekend or public holidays. If you’re unsure give us a call.

What guarantees do you offer? We are so confident with the service we provide that we will guarantee, if the UK requires more documentation from you, we will pay the courier costs and if the Passport application is refused we will refund our fees and the passport fees you have paid.

Why do I need a passport? Passports are necessary if you plan to travel internationally, in order to enter and exit other countries.

How long is a British Passport valid for? An adult passport is valid for 10 years. A child 15 or younger applying for a passport will only be valid for 5 years. 

What will happen to my old passport? Your old passport will be cancelled, clipped and returned to you.

My passport expires in 3 months? Most countries in the Asia region require 6 months before your passport expires, you can check with the embassy/consulate for the country you are travelling to who will confirm their requirements.

Do my children need a passport, or can they travel on mine? Since 1998 every person is required to hold their own passport, if the child is aged 15 or below they should apply for a child passport.

What if my passport has been stolen or lost? You must inform the police immediately, and the British Consulate/Embassy. You will have to apply for new passport.

Can I apply for a replacement passport and keep my old one? There are some countries where you are required to carry ID with you and as such the HMPO allow you to hold on to your old passport which will still be cancelled in the UK. All other countries must surrender their old passport when making an application for a replacement.

I am thinking of applying for my first passport, but not sure if I am entitled one? You can either apply direct to the UK for a passport and see if the application is accepted or rejected and if rejected you will receive no refund. Alternatively for the quarter of the cost you can speak to a Nationality qualified expert at British Connections who can advise you on your status.

Do I have to replace the visas in my old passport when I get the new passport? No, as long as you carry the old passport which contains the valid visa with your new passport that will be fine.

My passport got wet, I have tried to dry it out but it still looks damaged. Can I still use it? Once damaged your passport becomes invalid and you will need to apply for a replacement.

We are not very computer literate, how can we renew our passport? Call British Connections who will sit down with you and help you to complete the application online.

I have one blank pageleft, do I need to replace it now? Most countries require a blank page for each entry and exit stamp. It would be advisable to renew the passport before you travel.

I need to travel tomorrow, but my passport has expired/full or lost? If you need to travel urgently, you will need to go through the British Consulate and apply for an Emergency Travel Document. Call (+852) 2901 3000.

Can I hold a passport from another country in addition to the British passport? The British Government allows dual nationality, so you are entitled to a British passport as well as holding a passport from another countries. Please Note: Whilst the UK allows dual nationality, some countries don’t, which may mean that you may have to give up your current nationality to obtain a British passport.

Do I need to be a British Citizen to apply for a British Passport? You must qualify as a British Citizen in order to apply for a British passport. This doesn’t mean you must have lived in the UK or been born there to qualify.

How long does it take to get a British passport? The processing time taken to obtain a passport is purely down to HMPO, and as such we have no control on the time taken. Once the application has been submitted to HMPO, British Connections has no way of track it’s progress, and this can only be done by the applicant on the official UK passport website.

Passport Application Types

Renewal: A renewal is a passport that has expires within the last 10 years, is full before expiry date, and is undamaged and issued in your current name.

First Passport: British Nationality law is very complex, with many different ways that you can claim British Nationality whether you have any connection to the UK or not. If you believe you have the right to claim British Nationality, you would first be advised to have a consultation to establish if you do have a claim prior to submitting an application.

Name Change: If you are changing your name through marriage, deed poll or a court you will need to provide evidence to support your application.

Lost or Stolen: If you wish to replace you lost/stolen passport you will need to complete an additional form as well as obtaining a report from your local police station.

Second Passport: For frequent travelers, there is an opportunity where you are able to hold 2 valid passports. This allows you to use one passport while the other is being used to obtain a visa.

Old Blue Book Passport: If you are renewing an old blue book style passport it will be treated as a first time application.

Renewing BNO passport: This applies to people who were born in Hong Kong or who has a close connection to Hong Kong. The procedure is the same as applying for a BC passport, but you will have to provide additional documentation.