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Other Services

Due to our experienced staff we can also offer support with the following services:

Emergency Travel Document (ETD)

If you need to travel urgently and your passport has either expired, run out of pages or your passport was lost/stolen we can help you obtain an EDT. We can help you with the application form, make the appointment for you at the British Consulate and provide you with details of what documents you will need.

Register an overseas birth

If you are a British Citizen born overseas after 1st January 1983 you are able to have your birth registered in the UK and obtain an Overseas birth certificate. We are able to complete the form for you and summit it on your behalf.

Replacement Registration/Naturalisation British Citizenship Certificate

If you have registered or Naturalised as a British Citizen and need to obtain a replacement, we are able to complete and submit an application for you.

Order a copy of a birth, death or marriage certificate.

If you have lost your birth certificate or need to obtain one for an application and the birth was registered in England and Wales, we are able to apply for a replacement for you.