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Money Back Guarantee

Services and Fees All our fees are fixed with no extra or hidden charges. This includes all courier (5-7 day delivery time) costs to the UK. The only other fee you will need to pay is the passport fee. We are so confident in our ability to get it right the first time that if the UK requests any further documents we will send them on your behalf free of charge. All applications are only submitted once they have been pre-checked to ensure all details are correct and to the UK’s specification.

We also guarantee a full refund of our fee and the HMPO fee if your passport application is denied by the UK government.(Terms and Conditions apply)
UK Passport Renewal Hong Kong
UK Passport Renewal Hong Kong
Passport type
First British Passport
British Citizen/BNO renewal
Expired (prior to 2014)
Change (Name/Gender/Photo)
2nd Passport


What Our Fee Includes

All Courier costs to the UK. If more documents are need to be sent to the UK British Connections will pay the extra postage.

Application pre-checked for errors prior to submission. By pre checking the application prior to sending to the UK, it will reduce the chance of your application being held up whilst more documents are requested, this can result in extra processing time of 2-4 weeks.

All Documentation checked, copied/scanned and submitted with application. By checking, coping/scanning all documents in the office we are able to put the application together and submit without taking your time up by asking you to provide copies and scanned copies of the documents required.

Same day service. In a hurry, we can offer next day service in getting your application to HMPO.

One to one service. If you have questions or concerns about your application you can speak to someone in HMPO if you wish to pay the international call charge, or as part of our service you may speak to someone face to face.

Trained staff by her Majesty passport Office in the UK. As our staff are trained by HMPO you can be assured that we at British Connections know the procedures and process that HMPO use, resulting in a faster smoother service for you.

Extra Services

Next Day Delivery Service We understand people have different needs and lead different lives, so at British Connections we have developed some extra services to assist people with their busy working schedules. We understand that sometimes time is tight and as a result you need to apply for a new passport straight away, which is why we have introduced the Next Day Service. Come into our office on the Monday and by lunchtime Tuesday your application would have been delivered to Her Majesty’s Passport Office in Liverpool.

Passport Collection Service Sometimes you’re not in the same place every day so to minimize the inconvenience in having to rearrange the delivery with the courier you can elect to have you new passport sent to our office where you can then collect any time that’s convenient to you, this service is provided Free of Charge.

Consultation If you are thinking of looking to apply for British Citizenship but are not sure if you are entitled to this you currently have two options. Firstly you could apply direct to the UK at a cost of around $9,000 for a child application or $11,000 for an adult application to find out if you have a claim. If you don’t you would not get a refund on the $9,000/$11,000 and would just receive a letter confirming that your application has been rejected. British Connections offer a one to one consultation service for only $1200 (non-refundable) with an adviser qualified in British Nationality law trained by the UK government. They will be able to advise you on your status and confirm if you have a claim. If you don’t you will only have spent $1200 and you will be told exactly why you don’t have a claim.

Other Services
Next Day Delivery Service (DHL)
One to One Consultation on Nationality Law