At British Connections, our customers are valuable to us. Providing them with the services they need in a professional, timely manner is of our utmost concern. We’ve helped people in Hong Kong obtain their UK passport or visa for several years with great results. Don’t take our word for it – here’s a small selection of reviews from our Facebook page on what some of our clients have to say about us.

Minlar Lee from British Connections helped me to obtain a business visa and everything was smooth and easy. Now I’ve come back from my trip to the UK. –X. Pérez

Colin’s assistance with our newborn son’s passport was invaluable. The turnaround time has been nothing short of miraculous due to his advice. Based on this experience we will be using British Connections to advise us on a domestic helper visa also. Highly recommended for anyone dealing with British passport applications. –J. McLernon 

These guys really know their stuff. Very helpful. Walked me through all the documents and evidence that I would need to get a visa and they were bang on. Thanks very much. Would thoroughly recommend them to anyone requiring help. –D. Mackay

Colin was absolutely brilliant in supporting me through the process for a new and renewal passport. I would have sent the wrong supporting documents to the UK for sure if I hadn’t contacted him first. The UK then messed up the name on one passport we got back and again Colin knew exactly what to do (which was vital as we had flights booked so needed a very quick turnaround). He knows the system and the people which is a huge help with the overly complicated process! Thanks Colin! –S. Harvey-Jones

At first I was completely overwhelmed with the process of applying for a UK visa for my helper but they helped us through every step of the process and specified which documentation we needed to provide and which forms we needed to complete. Thank you! –T. Darling

Our advisor at British Connections helped with my wife’s UK visa application and we are truly grateful for his invaluable knowledge and experience. He fully understood our concerns and needs and helped us every step of the way. Our advisor was our pillar of strength by providing excellent advice every time we needed it as well as a source of reassurance. I highly recommend this company. –S. Sung

My daughter and I used British Connections to renew our UK passports. Superb professional service from both Colin and Pink (and a great cup of coffee to boot!). Did everything that was needed for us. Both of us got our renewed UK passports within 12 days! Hats off. And, thank you both.  –B.Gidwani

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