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UK Visas FAQs


What sort of visa’s are there? There are various different types from a student visa for someone looking to study in the UK to a settlement visa for someone looking to live in the UK.

How do I know which is the right visa for me? Call British Connections and speak to an adviser who will be able to asses which visa is the right one to fit your requirements for your UK Visa in Hong Kong.

How long will my UK visa last for? The length of your UK Visa will be determined by your need, if you are going just for a holiday then the visa might only last for 6 months.

How much will the visa cost me? There are 50 different types of visas and prices range from $1200 to $20,000, call British Connections for your UK Visa in Hong Kong and we can advise you as to the cost of the visa that is applicable to your needs.

How do I know if I have all the right documents? At British Connections we have trained staff with over 12 year’s experience in UK Visas who will sit down with you and explain what documents you will need to provide.

Can you guarantee I will be issued a visa? Unfortunately no one can make this guarantee as it is purely down to your claim and a UK visa Entry Clearance Immigration Officer who will make the final decision. What we can guarantee is that by using British Connections you will be in the best position to obtain a visa.