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UK Domestic Helper Visas

Applying for a UK visa for domestic helpers is a popular choice among Hong Kong citizens when looking to take their helper to the UK when travelling on holiday. British Connections can help your application process become faster and smoother.


What is a UK Domestic Helper Visa?

You can apply for a UK domestic worker visa 3 months prior to your arrival in the UK. If you submit the application outside of the UK, you will receive a decision on your visa within 3 weeks.

Who Can Apply for A Domestic Helper Visa?

If you would like to apply for a Domestic Helper visa, you need to meet the following basic conditions:

  1. You have been employed by your current employer for at least 12 months

Aside from these three basic requirements, there are other eligibility requirements you would have to check before applying for a UK domestic helpers.

British Connections can help you prepare everything when applying for a UK work visa. With our help, you only need to get all the required documents ready, and we will deal with the rest. If you have any questions regarding a UK work visa, such as domestic helper visas in the UK or application process, our experts in British Connections can find the perfect solution for you.

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