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British National Overseas

Under the British Nationality (Hong Kong) Act 1997, there are provisions for people to make an application to register as a British Citizen. British Connections can help you renew your BNO passport or offer consultations to check your entitlement status to obtain British Citizenship.


How we assist British National Overseas

British Connections provides client support to renew current, expired or lost/stolen BNO passports – please make an appointment to start this process with one of our British Passport Advisers.

Our British citizenship advisors can provide face-to-face nationality consultation service with a UK Government Nationality law trained adviser to determine whether you might be entitled to register as a British Citizen.


British National Overseas Passport process

Make An Appointment

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Meet with our Passport advisor

We meet with you, complete the application and based on your application advise what documents are required.

We prepare and submit your application

Once we receive the necessary documents from you, we prepare,
pre-check and send your application direct to the UK for processing

Passport issued and sent from HMPO​

Once issued your passport will be sent direct to your home or if no one is at home during the day you can collect it form our office anytime during office hours.

All you need to do is

What is British National Overseas?

Under the British Nationality (Hong Kong) Act 1997, there are provisions for people to make an application to register as a British Citizen. These persons are primarily of Nepalese, Indian and Pakistan origin who were solely British Nationals, British National Overseas, British Overseas Citizen, British Protected Person, British Subject and British Dependent Territory Citizen by virtue of their connection to Hong Kong. BNO’s hold their status for life and are unable to pass it on to future generations.

The order created a new nationality status – British Nationality (Overseas) or BNO. British Dependent Territory Citizens or BDTC’s who
derived their status through a connection with Hong Kong lost that status on 1st July 1997, but were entitled to retain British
Nationality from that date provided they held, or were included in a British passport issued between 30th June 1987 and 1st July 1997 in which they were described as a British National Overseas.

Under the British Nationality Act 1981 there is possibly also entitlement to register as a British Citizen If you do not hold any other citizenship or Nationality.

Meet With Our Passport Expert

Use our online booking system to get the next available appointment with one of our British Passport experts.

We can start processing your application from the first meeting.

What do our fees include

All standard Courier costs to the UK. If more documents are need to be sent to the UK British Connections will pay the extra postage.

Application pre-checked for errors prior to submission. By pre checking the application prior to sending to the UK, it will reduce the chance of your application being held up whilst more documents are requested, this can result in extra processing time of 2-4 weeks.

All Documentation checked, copied/scanned and submitted with application. By checking, coping/scanning all documents in the office we are able to put the application together and submit without taking your time up by asking you to provide copies and scanned copies of the documents required.

Same day service. In a hurry, we can offer next day service in getting your application to HMPO.

One to one service. If you have questions or concerns about your application you can speak to someone in HMPO if you wish to pay the international call charge, or as part of our service you may speak to someone face to face at British Connections.

Trained staff by her Majesty Passport Office in the UK. We have staff which were trained by HMPO you can be assured that British Connections know the procedures and process that HMPO use, resulting in a faster smoother service for you.

What is not included

You will be responsible for paying the relevant Passport fee when we submit the application. Our fees are straight forward and we will provide as much support as you require ensuring you are able to submit an application successfully